Preparation is key when it comes to a successful photoshoot with your children. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your next family photography shoot:

1 – Talk to your children ahead of time about the photoshoot so they know what to expect. If you turn a family photography session into a fun activity for the whole family, then they will arrive excited to be there.

2 – Let them pick out an outfit that they feel comfortable in and that they love. If it’s an outfit you know you don’t want for the whole shoot, bring it along for a few photos at the end. I personally rather capture photos that show your kids as they are over having everything “perfect”.

I once had a little boy arrive to a family shoot in his favourite Bunnings t-shirt. Those are memories that the family will love looking back on, when that little boy has grown out of this faze and not wearing his bunnings shirt EVERYWHERE.

3 – Give them plenty of time to get ready and don’t rush them. It is also a good idea not to plan a shoot on a day that you have had a lot of plans (like going to the zoo and out for lunch) as this can tire out the kids before the session and they will just want to get back to the car and chill.

4 – Bring along snacks or toys to help keep them entertained while they wait. It’s also great to eat before the shoot, no one likes to be hangry! This includes parents too. A sandwich in the car on the way is always a safe option.

5 – Don’t forget to have fun! Encourage your children to have fun, be creative and be themselves. When you all relax and enjoy yourselves the photos will be pure magic.

6 – Keep a positive attitude throughout the session and make sure your children feel relaxed and happy. This can be easier said than done in some cases but please know that I have got you and I have a bucket load of tricks up my sleeve to get the shots that we are wanting. If children are not doing the things exactly how we expect them too that is okay. I will try a few different prompts or activities to get them interacting and the focus away from the photos.

7 – Finally, keep talking and interacting with your children during the photoshoot to help keep them engaged. You know your children better than anyone, so if you know something funny that will make them laugh, do it!

By following these tips, you can ensure that your children will have a great time and that you will get beautiful photos that capture their personality. If you have any other ideas or any questions, please do write them below.

If you would like to look at planning a Perth based family photography session over the next few months, head to the contact page here! I’m looking forward to creating a fun experience for your family.

How to prepare your children for a family photography shoot

January 7, 2023


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